Everyone who needs auto coverage looks forward to the opportunity of saving money on car insurance rates. One way to accomplish this goal is to conduct rate comparisons with various companies. Here are few tips on how to best compare rates so you can both save money and get the level of customer service you expect.

Understand State Requirements

It is important to first understand what your state requires in terms of coverage. Make sure that is taken into consideration when comparing coverage quotes. If you do not carry enough coverage, it can not only leave you vulnerable in case of an accident, it can also be against the law.

Keep Organized and Take Notes

Make sure to take notes and keep organized when shopping for and comparing car insurance rates. This way when you are reviewing all the information you have collected, you are making a true comparison and not just making assumptions. Also keep a list of questions and ask those same questions of each insurer. This will give a real “apples to apples” comparison.

Ask About Discounts

When speaking with each company’s representative, ask about any discounts that could reduce the expense. There are discounts for having a good driving record, being a military veteran, have good grades if you are a student and attending a defensive driving course. Different companies each have different discounts, so be sure to get as many discounts as possible!

Ask for a Better Rate

An important lesson in life is “don’t be afraid to ask.” This can be true for car insurance rates as well. When speaking with different representatives, ask if that is the best they can do. Sometimes they may be able to reduce the rate they offer just a little more.

Keep Your Credit Score High

While many don’t understand why, many companies take your credit score into consideration when quoting car insurance rates. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your credit score as high as possible and check your credit history for any potential errors. This is important not just for your finding coverage, but your credit health overall. Additionally, it is important to ask the representative if their company uses credit scores as part of their rate determination.

These are few steps you can utilize when getting started comparing car insurance rates. By following these suggestions, you will be well on your way to finding the best possible coverage as well as price in Illinois.

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