Q: I am in my twenties, but have never had a driver's license. I am planning on getting one this month and was wondering if I could car insurance quotes before my license test so I can figure out about how much it will cost.

A: You should be able to get car insurance quotes without a drivers license unless it is prohibited by a local statute we are unaware of. When you do begin the talks with an insurance agent or filling out forms you should realize that the quotes will be estimates rather than firm offers of a policy.

This is because circumstances can change between the time you inquire about a quote and actually have a car ready to insure.

The amount you will wind up paying for your car insurance policy will depend on many factors. Some of these include:

* Location
* What type of car you will be driving
* Your credit report
Your maritime status
* Many other factors

Lots of people are surprised at how much information an insurance company uses to calculate a quote, but insurance is based on risk versus reward for the company. The insurance companies have compiled thousands of pages of statistics of people involved in car accidents. They have found that people with certain characteristics are more likely to be involved in a car accident.

We hope the above tips will help you to understand the multiple car insurance quotes you will be incorporating in order to choose a car insurance policy that is suited to your needs.

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