Do you know that auto insurance providers attach a lot of important to continuity? Since it is mandatory to obtain auto insurance at all times, insurance companies often behve as if every person who has skipped coverage at any point of time in the past has violated the law. This often leads to a drastic increase in the cost of insurance. However, there may be many legal and valid reasons for you to skip the car insurance coverage. One obvious reason is admission to college where you do not need an automobile. You certainly will not be paying auto insurance premium when you do not drive a car, will you?

It is incorrect to say that the law requires you to obtain insurance even when you do not drive the car. However, what should one do if the insurance company insists on charging high premium just because of ridiculous interpretation? The cost of insurance will rise by as much as 75%.

Are you prepared to pay the higher premium just because the insurance company said so? If not, then you should log on to the World Wide Web and check out multiple quotes. The multiple quote web site may help you get in touch with an insurance company that adopts a more sensible approach. The company that inquires about the reason of lapse of coverage before hiking the premium rates is a smart company. You should try to deal with such insurance companies only.

Secondly, you can make use of the competition between the auto insurance companies to point out to the discrepancy in their approach. This gives your enough ammunition to confuse your insurance agent and convince them to give you a great deal despite the fact that you skipped insurance. Check out auto insurance quotes form. Fill the form and obtain the estimates quickly. The information will be on your screen in a jiffy. This has given with no obligations from your side.

Two common fears that most individuals have as far as insurance quotes are concerned is that the insurance company will convert the request for quotes into an obligation. Secondly, the current insurance company may charge extra for the swap. There is no need to worry about such embarrassing situations. Unlike insurance agents, you will not be pestered with insurance calls when you make use of online quotes. And your existing insurance company has no right to jack up rates just because you obtained quotes.

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