Munich is Bavarian capital, easily accessible by public transport if you are an ordinary visitor. For those who want to explore more we offer some hints on where to drive and enjoy one day trips near Munich.

If you rent a car in Munich for one day, you may visit these places:

Schoenberg See : a 30 minute drive away from Munich brings you to another world. A picturesque lake with stunning views and mysterious history is perfect for families and lovers. Did you know that king Ludwig 2nd drowned here? After the dark history you will never forget this romantic spot. Bring your camera with you or you will be sorry.

Andechs abbey : Andech is a small village outside Munich and is famous for spectacular monastery. Drive on Herrsching road, after three kilometers you can park the car and continue walking on the hiking path. Place is wonderful and weekends could be crowded. If you have a chance to visit this place anytime on weekdays you will get most of your trip.

Oberammergau : in order to reach highway a-95, start your trip from Southern Munich. Leave the road for Ettal exit and from there on the B-23 to Oberammergau. This little town will be interesting specifically for fairy tales lovers and children. Houses are painted with brothers Grimm fairy-tale paintings on the walls.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen : is one hour and a half away from Munich – if you drive really slowly. In Winter season double the time of transport due to winter holidays in Germany. After seeing all that is to see in central Munich fresh alpine air and some skiing down the white slopes could be great end of your stay in Germany.

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